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We want to assure you that we listen to and understand all your needs. We know just how important it is for your security to be assured, particularly when buying anything online. Thus, we only use the safest payment methods, for your security and ours. You can be confident that your details will remain safe with us. We use payment methods like Western Union, International Bank Wire Transfer.You need not have any worries when you do business with us.

Usually, the cost is divided into two payments. The first deposit payment of 40% of the total cost is paidupon ordering. You can pay the remaining 60% right before delivery.

It will take us about 10 working days for the complete set of degree documents to be ready to ship. Before you pay the remainder of the money due, we will send you a preview of the documents in PDF format. This is to make sure there are no spelling mistakes or other changes that need to be madeon the documents. In addition, this proves to our customers that we produce real degree certificates before they complete the payment.

Here are a few reasons for why you would want to buy original degree:

  • You will get a valid degree from an accredited university with several affiliate campuses all over the world.
  • When you buy master degree from us, you can increase the credibility of your qualifications
  • We shield you from lengthy online classes and the agony of sitting for exams
  • You can save the money that you would have used for your university tuition fees
  • We are not involved in the production of degrees but we liaise with the necessary institutions.
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